Ausiello Sums Up Lost Comic Con Spoilers

Ausiello Sums Up Lost Comic Con Spoilers

Kind of interesting that there are people out there that would admit they are too lazy to actually use Google or visit fansites to read the Comic Con reports that have already been posted. Well if you are one of those people this post is for you.

Here is a good summary of spoilers for Season 5 from BOTH the EW Panel and LOST panels.

You can watch the EW Panel here and read the live report for the LOST panel here


Just read this little recap:

Question: I didn’t attend Comic-Con and I’m too lazy to scour the web looking for a transcript of the Lost panel, so whaddaya say you save me the trouble and give me a quick rundown of the major Lost spoilers that Team Darlton revealed? — Nicole

Ausiello: Unfortunately, I’m even lazier than you, so I wouldn’t touch that assignment with a 10-foot pole. I would, however, email EW’s Doc Jensen (who moderated said Lost panel) and kindly ask him to do it for both of us. Below are what he considers to be the major takeaways, bullet-pointed for your convenience.

• Richard Alpert will figure prominently in Season 5.
• The whole notion of “flashbacks” and “flash-forwards” will be reinvented, suggesting that upcoming episodes will span multiple time periods and perspectives.
• Jin will be back, but there’s no word if he’s dead or alive.
• It was strongly suggested that Faraday survived.
• Faraday’s notebook will play a prominent role this season.
• We’ll finally get Rousseau’s back-story, but Darlton cautioned that it would be wrong to call it a “flashback” episode.

Source: EW

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