Lost Filming Update

Lost Filming Update

 A scene requiring Spanish speakers was being shot elsewhere Lost Filming UpdateThanks to Ryan, our man on the ground in Hawaii, we have a few more snippets to report.

1) One set of filming was taking in Kate’s post-island home in Kahala
2) No sightings to Evangeline however.
3) A Doctor and a blond Toddler were seen
4) A scene requiring Spanish speakers was being shot elsewhere.

Read Ryan’s full report here.

Also from DarkUFO reader, Nicky, who sent this to me Yesterday.

I recently learned that the house used to film Kate’s flashforward scenes was the house of some family friends. The Lost crew are moving in once again to film scenes over this upcoming week so we will probably be seeing Kate in the future some point early in the season. I’m gonna head over to get some pictures to confirm this over the next couple days.

Source: Nicky@DarkUFO

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