Should We Start To Worry About Locke?

Should We Start To Worry About Locke?

Thanks to Surly for the following. Should we worry about this comment from Terry over at the Fuselage or was it just a throw away line? I for one would hope that Locke stays as a major character till at least towards the end of Season 6.

Question 1: Did you ever fear that either the show wouldn’t do well or that your character wouldn’t last in the series?
Question 2: Which do you prefer more, performing on stage or on film, and why?

Hi Rachel,
I never expect anything to do well, regardless of its quality. No one can predict what will catch on and what will not. I hoped it’d do well, but had no expectations……….the same applies to my involvement; in fact, there’s some question as to whether I’ll go the rest of the way
I prefer theater for the kick……………film and t.v. for the money. Theater’s definitely more fun.

See you around.


Source: Terry O’Quinn@The Fuselage

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